Our gourmet fudge is assembled using only pure, fresh, all-natural ingredients.

From Pennsylvania’s finest cream to chocolate from Belgium and Madagascar for vanilla, whether it’s around the corner or around the world, we use only the best.

All of our fudge is cooked in small 50 pound batches which is the only true way to create the natural flavor profile of fudge.

Slowly cooked in copper kettles over an open flame, our ingredients are gently blended and hand-stirred with maple wood paddles and meticulously watched by our staff of artisan fudge makers.

We use approximately 30% less sugar than other manufacturers of fudge, giving our fudge a creamy smooth texture. We use only premium cocoa beans which gives our fudge its rich taste.

Our dedication to quality ingredients and small batch production helps us to create our award-winning confections. We invite you to come be part of our family and let our obsession become yours!

We supply our customers over 30 different flavors of fudge!

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