The Moonshine Bar is filled with a smooth creamy center and are available in 39 different Flavors.

Each Bar is made with French & Belgian Chocolate, Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Fresh Cream and Handpainted with French Cocoa Butter.

All chocolates are 100% gluten free!

We use Natural and Organic ingredients, including fresh fruits and roasted nuts.

Some bars are infused with bourbon, whiskey, champagne, rum, and Barrel aged Irish whiskey.

Customers create their own personalized 4 pack 10 pack or 20 piece party pack boxes



      We will hopefully have individual photo’s up online within the next few days. In the meantime, you can call us and we can assist you in identifying the flavors. If you purchased a 10-piece box, there should be a generic card on the back with a reference chart of color/flavor .

  • Cheryl

    I tried these at the Frederick Christmas Show and was blown away! Every flavor was better than the next. It was hard to choose. I decided to get three bars but one was gone before I got home and I knew I should have bought the 10 pack! Would love to order some for Christmas gifts.

  • Joyce Alberts

    I am on your website and cannot find a list of your fudge flavors. Had your fudge at the Annapolis street fair last weekend and it was amazing. Pleas send me a list.


    Joyce Alberts


      Hi Joyce,

      At the present time, our fudge selections are not available to purchase online due to the complexity of changing flavors multiple times during the week. We do ship fudge, however process orders manually, and can definately accomondate you.

      This is a listing of the available fudge flavors for shipment on Monday October 9th.
      • Belgian Chocolate
      • Belgian Chocolate with walnuts
      • Black Cherry Bourbon*
      • Chocolate Cheesecake
      • Double Chocolate
      • Heath Bar Crunch
      • Mint Chocolate
      • Peanut Butter and Chocolate
      • Pecan Turtle
      • Sea Salt Caramel
      • Maple Walnut
      • Vanilla
      • Espresso
      • Apple Pie*
      • Carmel Apple
      • Fire Ball8
      • Apple Jack (with whisky)*
      • Banana Foster
      • Cookies and Cream*
      • Pumpkin
      • Pumpkin Cheesecake
      • Smoked Whiskey*
      • Strawberry Cheesecake
      • Penuche
      • Moscow mule/Ginger beer*
      • Chocolate Candy Corn

      * Not Gluten Free

      Fudge orders can be placed by email: or by calling 202-400-1904

      Fudge orders are sent priority mail for shipping fee of $7.00

      $6.00 – approximately ¼ lb slice
      $20.00 – 4 slices/approximately 1 lb.
      $5.00 – each slice over 1 lb.

      Please do NOT include charge account numbers in emails. Give us your phone number and a convenient time to call you for entering account info.

      Looking forward to hearing back.

      Best regards,
      Chocolate Moonshine

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